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Product features
In 1, the chemical composition of matching: reasonable chemical composition of our company is all scientific research personnel through long-term exploration gradually optimize the formation of control curve, has a unique chemical composition matching method, so that it can better serve the toughness and hardness are nodes, and reach the best state.
2 melting process characteristics using furnace Pei Lian, and effective solution with the material segregation problems, to ensure that the quality of steel, give full play to the melting furnace melting capacity and harmful gas emissions.
3, temperature control technology: temperature control process is chromium cast ball production is a very important and complicated process, different heating temperature, pouring temperature, mould temperature and heat treatment temperature, very sensitive reaction in product quality, proper pouring temperature and mold temperature so that products from the liquid to the solid records process to choose a good control.
4, molding process ; in the pouring temperature and mold temperature at 1500 degrees C casting, can make the internal organization of product grain refinement and more dense, the carbide arranged radially, in the grinding work, the carbide embedded matrix, continuously forming a hard layer, the hardness and toughness in the stage of rendezvous point, greatly improving the casting ball toughness and hardness are combined.
5, heat treatment process features: the use of automatic quenching production line, ensure the casting ball hardness uniformity, can reach the abrasive material substrate is not broken without losing a round, wear coefficient is high.
6, detection means: spectral direct-reading instrument, Rockwell hardness, high altitude falling ball test machine and instrument tracking detection, to ensure that the substandard products not manufactured.
Product quality control process
In 1, the control of raw materials : the main raw materials such as iron alloy by means of invite public bidding selection, in accordance with the" raw materials and processing standards" for acceptance and processing, and classification, hang out one's shingle stacking.
2, melting control: using intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting, take strict smelting process control, effectively reduce the alloy gas, oxide inclusion, slag, preventing all kinds of casting defects.
3, chemical composition control in production, we focused on different working conditions and user requirements, the grinding body selected different material formula, so that the chemical elements in the optimum range of control, a rare earth or boron and vanadium and other trace elements for modification, adjustment of product toughness and hardness and heat treatment temperature of phase transformation point, so that the quality of products reach the best state.
4, molding process control : one is to adopt the chilling process, so that the casting ball grain finer and more compact organization, good toughness, wear resistance strong. Two. Is that right?
Local hardening process on steel ( forging) need to withstand impact and to withstand the wear parts hardening. The internal structure of the product fine grain size
Chromium carbide, dense, radially arranged, in the milling process continuously forming a hard layer, improve product toughness and hardness.
5, heat treatment process and temperature control: one is my factory using automatic quenching production line, so that products in the process of heating, uniform heating, quenching process product of uniform hardness and achieve what we need matrix microstructure and metallurgical standards ; two is used to optimize the heat treatment process, which greatly eliminated due to casting and quenching stresses in order to ensure product during use to meet the required quality standards.
6, quality control strict implementation of ISO9001 : 2000 quality management system standards, establish and improve various quality control standard and process documents, to further improve the quality assurance system, from raw materials into the factory to factory of each procedure are established a full-time Zhijian Yuan for supervision and control, and set up a workshop self-test, qualitative check division sampling final inspection, laboratory testing system, execute quality one-vote veto system, continuous casting show

Technological process