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Slag, steel slag, Water slag

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  After ore dressing or smelting residue known as slag (English Name: Slag) Pinyin for Zha Kuang
  1, composition and structure (Ma'anshan Longsheng wear-resistant material Co. Ltd)
  Slag containing SiO2 was acidic slag, containing CaO and Al2O3 as alkaline slag.. The activity of alkaline slag is higher than that of acid slag.. Slag due to have some own water hard, not long-term storage.
  Building materials in the slag is refers to the blast furnace molten slag in the quenched to late crystallization and the formation of a glassy substance, is fine granular. The molten slag directly flows into the pool cooling water quenching slag, commonly known as slag. Through grinding slag, cement mixed material is activated. Slag containing SiO2 was acidic slag, containing CaO and Al2O3 as alkaline slag.. The activity of alkaline slag is higher than that of acid slag.. Slag due to have some own water hard, not long-term storage.
There is another concept: leaching slag. A portion of the mineral (or concentrate) that is not acid or alkaline leached during acid leaching or leaching.. Due to the selective leaching process, most of the gangue mineral residue in slag. There are also some impurities in the solution which have been leached to the solution, such as Fe3+, because of the decrease of the acidity of the leaching solution and the precipitation of the precipitation and the slag.. In order to prevent the hydrolysis of uranium from leaching solution, the leaching solution is needed to maintain a certain excess acid..
  2, details
  2.1 application areas
  Industrial production, cement production and new energy production.
  2.2 slag grinding technology
  Co grinding of slag and clinker and gypsum;
  The slag is separate and the slag is mixed with the fine powder of clinker and gypsum.;
  The slag is separate and pre - grinding, and then the grinding of the clinker and gypsum. However, the slag concentrated in the coarse powder when the first grinding technology is used, and only the mixing material is used..
  2.3 slag application
  Slag plays an important role in industrial production, especially for some major factories.. Using slag made refining slag cement, slag powder and slag powder, slag Portland cement, slag wool, blast furnace slag, particle of blast furnace slag, copper slag, slag vertical mill, save the energy consumption.
In addition, the blast furnace slag can be used as stone, glass ceramics, enamel, ceramics, fertilizer and other raw materials.



  steel slag

  English: Gangzha
  Foreign language name: slag steel
  A steel slag discharge, according to the type of furnace is divided into slag, slag, furnace slag furnace. The output of the output is about 15 ~ 20% of the crude steel..
Ingredients: (1, Ma'anshan Longsheng wear-resistant material Co. Ltd)
  Steel slag is made of calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium and some oxides of small amount of aluminum, manganese, phosphorus and so on.. Main mineral phase is formed by silicate calcium, silicate calcium and magnesium olivine, calcium and magnesium Rhodonite, iron and aluminum acid calcium and silicon, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus oxide solid melt, also contains a small amount of free oxide calcium and iron, fluorine apatite. In some areas because of ore containing titanium and vanadium, steel slag containing these ingredients. The content of various components in steel slag for steelmaking furnace, different   steel grades and each furnace steel smelting stage, there are great differences.
  Steel slag formation in the temperature of 1500 to 1700 DEG C, the temperature is liquid, after slow cooling is massive, dark gray, dark brown. Sometimes because of the content of free calcium, magnesium oxide and water or moisture reaction conversion for hydroxide, resulting in slag volume expansion and fragmentation; sometimes because it contains a lot of dicalcium silicate in the cooling process (about $675 DEG C when) consisting of beta type transformation for gamma type and fragmentation. Such as the amount of liquid steel slag, can be quenched into the grain.
  2, processing method:
  The utilization of steel slag in early twentieth Century, but because of its volatile components, has been slow to use.. In the beginning of the 70's, the first annual emissions of 17000000 tons of steel slag used. At present, the Federal Republic of Germany, steel slag has been most of the use. British, French steel slag utilization rate of about 50%, Japan is about 60%, China is about 10%.
Many countries of the world steel slag treatment access method is hot splash method is liquid slag splashed into the specialized processing field, thickness of slag layer below 30 cm, water spray proper amount of promoting its cooling, and crushing, screening, magnetic separation, the recovery one metal, slag is comprehensive utilization. American Steel Corp and some China Bethlehem steel mills are using slag flushing method, open hearth slag electric furnace slag granulation early realization. Flushing water pressure is 2.5 ~ 8 kg / cm, slag and water in a ratio of 1 to 10. This method is simple, and the steel slag granularity is mostly below 1 cm, which is easy to use.. But water consumption is big, must solve the water treatment and the recycling question. Since 1974, the Japanese Nippon Steel Corporation the tray (is) C water quenching method (see [shallow water quenching method for treatment of converter slag schematic drawing) processing BOF slag processing method is the liquid slag splashing into the tray, slag layer thickness of about 10 cm, water spray to the slag cooling to about 500 DEG C, after curing the slag dump in the slag car again water spray to the slag cooling to about 200 DEG C, and then into the foam slag pool and cooling to room temperature. After treatment of the slag, the particles are mostly below 10 cm. This method saves the site, the operation is more safe than the hydraulic flushing slag, the turnover is quick, and the investment and equipment are saved, and the pollution degree of the environment is lighter.
  3, use
  The uses of steel slag vary from composition to composition.. Each year in the United States to two-thirds of the amount of slag as iron flux directly into the blast furnace or addition of sintering ore, used in the iron and steel factory inner loop. In the slag composition, except the silicon and phosphorus harmful, calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese (total steel slag total of 80%) are used. But high sulfur, phosphorus content of steel slag as flux, the utilization coefficient of the blast furnace coke rate decreased, increased. In France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Canada and other countries have put the railway ballast and road materials used for this kind of steel slag. Practice is the first steel slag after storage for 3 to 6 months, after the use of stable volume. This kind of steel is widely used in road subgrade structure, cushion layer, especially suitable for asphalt mixture aggregate paving road surface layer. The steel slag Road, with high strength, wear resistance and good skid resistance, good durability, maintenance and low cost. Western European countries with high phosphorus steel slag fertilizer has a long history. The slag of calcium, silicon, manganese and trace elements are can be used as fertilizer, fertilizer residue in acid soil. All kinds of steel slag can be used to fill the pit, reclamation material. China's current production of a small amount of steel slag cement, the use of converter slag with 50% about blast furnace granulated slag, gypsum of 10%, the grinding of steel slag cement without clinker, or to about 15% cement clinker instead of steel slag grinding low clinker cement. In China, there are some parts of the steel slag production of white steel slag cement. In Japan, the Federal Republic of     Germany, using steel slag as cement raw material, roasting ferrite cement, can save energy. In addition, steel slag can also create brick, tile, carbonated building materials, etc.. (Ma'anshan Longsheng wear-resistant material Co. Ltd)


  Water slag
  Water slag is the process of thermal state of blast furnace slag is placed in the water of rapid cooling, mainly in the slag pool water quenching or furnace before water quenching in two ways.
Water slag.
  Foreign language name: slag Water
  Process: hot melt state of the slag placed in the water rapid cooling
  Made of: slag brick, slag concrete, etc.
  Basic introduction (Ma'anshan Longsheng wear-resistant material Co. Ltd)
  Water slag is the process of thermal state of blast furnace slag is placed in the water of rapid cooling, mainly in the slag pool water quenching or furnace before water quenching in two ways. Water slag used as building materials used in the production of cement and concrete, due to its potential water binder, water slag, under the effect of cement clinker, lime, gypsum and activator can used as raw material for cement quality can be made: slag Portland cement, gypsum slag cement and lime ore slag cement, slag brick, slag concrete.