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Analysis of ball mill diaphragm plate seam width and area

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  Main function of ball mill silo board:
  1, separated grinding body. Used ball mill all know, ball mill positions for ball mill ball size is not the same of. This is because of the different positions, and partition board is according to the warehouse, the grinding body to separate; the average size of each bin grinding body to keep the coarse grinding chamber to a fine grinding barn gradually narrowing, to adapt to the Dayan grinding grinding body aniseed, small small abrasive grinding material, better play grinding grinding effect. (Ma'anshan Longsheng wear-resistant material Co. Ltd)
  2. The flow velocity of the abrasive in the mill is controlled, and the flow velocity in the ball mill is determined by the cracks of the spacer plate.. Can guarantee the effective grinding of the material.
  3, analysis function of the material, can prevent large particles into the impact of weak area, otherwise it will cause crushing material piled up, seriously affect the ball mill grinding effect, or not the finely ground material grinding, resulting in product fineness is not qualified.
In the structure design of ball mill, partition plate slot area and slot width also do some consideration.
  1, ball mill diaphragm plate joint total size partition plate slot is designed for the material. Diaphragm outlet surface of the slot width is about 1.5~2.0 times the width of the slot inlet face. Slot total area also called effective area partition board, as a percentage of partition board area said. The effective area is large, but the material passing quantity is large, but the effective area is too large, and the strength of the silo board is falling.. Partition board imports the effective area for more than 5%~15%, closed up to 20% dry raw mill, wet grinding is suitable for small value.
  2, ball mill vibration grate board positions of slit width, slot width, is related to the material throughput, but also related to the through materials for maximum particle size, must pay attention to the control. Cement industry is storehouse ball mill the first septal Itakura grate seams effective width (i.e., feeding port width) is 6~14mm, raw mill, some up to 16 mm, the second septal Itakura grate seams effective width more for 6~10mm and the third grate seams of the effective width for 5-8 mm. The practice of cement industry in our country and foreign countries that first partition board of the grate joint effective width shoulds not be too big, open dry milling should be 6 ~ 8mm; closed dry grinding should be 8 ~ 12mm; wet raw mill should take 3 ~ 7mm. Slot length according to the material area and slot effective width calculation, generally 300~400mm, the long reach 700mm.
  Double chamber mill partition plate slot width is 5~8mm. Discharge grate grate seam should be higher than the effective width of diaphragm plate width about 2mm, in order to discharge and eliminate the broken iron. (Ma'anshan Longsheng wear-resistant material Co. Ltd)