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Factors affecting ball mill capacity

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  There are many factors that affect the capacity of ball mill, and the following are the main factors.:
  1. The speed of the ball mill at different speed of the cylinder, its movement law can be simplified to three basic forms. One is the speed is very low, the main way to grind the material for fine grinding. Because there is little kinetic energy of a ball mill, small impact force, low grinding efficiency; the second is very high speed, ball mill by inertial force with the cylinder rotating together, the material does not produce bump, mainly by friction, ball milling efficiency range; the third is suitable speed, ball milling with the cylinder rotates to a position from the cylinder wall, material received impact, friction and grinding, its grinding efficiency is the highest. (Ma'anshan Longsheng wear-resistant material Co. Ltd)
  2, the load of the ball mill. The addition of a ball mill, in unit time material is grinding times more, high grinding efficiency, but not too much, otherwise accounted for ball mill of effective space, but reduces the milling efficiency.
  3, the type of grinding material, physical and chemical properties (such as granularity, hardness, temperature, moisture and particle shape, etc.), grinding granularity requirements.
  4, the mill structure, scale, space partition, lining and diaphragm use, cylinder speed.
  5. The type of ball mill, the size of its shape, the gradation and the degree of filling.
  6. The uniformity of the feeding and the degree of the filling in the mill..
  7, ball mill grinding method and operation conditions. Such as dry or wet or wet open circuit or wet grinding of material, water, ball ratio, dry grinding ventilation, the circulation load rate, the selection of the powder and the selection of the powder efficiency, etc..
  8, whether to add the grinding aid.
  At present, there is no complete theoretical calculation of the production capacity, usually based on the experiment, using semi empirical theory or empirical method. Starting from the structural and dynamic analysis of the compact planetary ball mill, the effects of the grinding efficiency and the abrasive particle size of the mill are studied, and the characterization of the structure and grinding effect of the mill is established..
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