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Application of ball mill

2011-6-3   Source:   Browse:1557

    Ball is the material being broken, and then smash the key equipment. Industrial production is widely used in the high fine grinding mechanical one. The ball mill is a ball mill important basic components, especially precision industrial ball in the development of the national economy plays a significant role. Widely used in the cement plant, power plants and so on. High and low chrome multielement alloy steel high chromium multi element alloy casting and the development of the national economy plays a significant role. In some special conditions, often require special material steel ball to complete different environment required to function. In fact, some special material steel has been widely used in various fields of the national economy, including high chromium steel ; high chrome steel forging ; low chrome steel ball; low chrome steel forging ; chromium series lining plate ; a series of manganese liner; hammer; alloy steel ; alloy lining board; all kinds of wear-resistant materials. Their application, not only promoted the ball mill industry development, but also promote the related industries technical development and progress of science and technology.
Installed in the ball mill on the mill ball diameter requirements : ball mill output not only by the steel balls loading effects, also with the diameter of the steel ball. There are certain requirements of the ball diameter and different ball diameter ball keeps certain proportion, generally cylindrical body ball diameter size range of 25 -- 60mm. If the cylinder is large diameter ball, the large impact force, to break the lump coal is advantageous, but due to the gap between the ball and the large, relatively small surface area, extruding and grinding effect is reduced, the output of coal mill and the fineness of pulverized coal were negative. The cylinder with small diameter steel ball too much, small impact force, can make the coal pulverizer output drop, at the same time, because the steel ball surface area is relatively large, will make the steel ball wear increased coal consumption increased.
Ball mill the correct way of using the new installation of ball mill has a running-in process, in the running process, the ball first add, accounted for the maximum weight of ball mill 80%, add the proportion of steel ball by ball size ( diameter 120 mm, diameter 100 mm, diameter 80 mm, diameter 60 mm, diameter 40 mm ) size is added. Different models of its weight of ball mill. For example, MQG1500 x 3000 mill maximum weight of ball 9.5 - 10 tons. First add the ball ball (120 mm and 100 mm ) accounted for 30% - 40%, the ball in the 80 mm accounted for 40% - 30%, the ball (60 and 40 mm ) 30%